Privacy and Security


Genesys Private Fund appreciate the trust of its clients.

Ensuring the privacy and security of your personal information is a priority for Genesys Private Fund. Genesys Private Fund requests certain personal information of the client in order to provide services to the clients, and according to regulatory requirements.

This policy describes the types of information requested by Genesys Private Fund, the purpose of its use, methods of modification and updating such information by the client, the circumstances under which Genesys Private Fund has the right to disclose such information, as well as methods of the clients' personal information. Genesys Private Fund recommends you to read carefully this privacy policy.

Collected information

Genesys Private Fund collects personal information from applications for an account opening in Genesys Private Fund, other materials that the client provides to Genesys Private Fund and transactions history held by the client with Genesys Private Fund.

Genesys Private Fund may obtain additional information (e.g., credit history) from other sources.

Standard information collected by Genesys Private Fund from private clients contains:

  • - Personal information such as name, contact information, occupation, marital status, identity documents, etc;
  • - Financial information such as an amount of capital, investment experience, objectives, etc.

Website traffic

In the case that a person that works with Genesys Private Fund is an employee, director, managing director etc of one of the corporate clients of Genesys Private Fund, Genesys Private Fund collects the following information of such person:

  • - Name and contact details;
  • - Position and area of responsibility;
  • - The documents of identification (e.g. copy of passport, etc.) according to the requirements of legislation and regulatory acts in the area of money laundering and related issues.

The client may refuse to provide any personal information requested by Genesys Private Fund, however it may cause that Genesys Private Fund will not be able to open an account for this client or provide services to him. Genesys Private Fund shall make all necessary efforts to ensure that all client's information was accurate, complete and valid. For this purpose, Genesys Private Fund asks its clients to notify Genesys Private Fund of any changes in their personal information.

Use of collected information

Genesys Private Fund strives to help each client achieve his investment goals, and the information about the client plays an important role.

Genesys Private Fund may use the client's personal information for:

  • - Administration and implementation of the legal relations between the client and Genesys Private Fund, operation on the trading account with Genesys Private Fund;
  • - Efficient processing of client's inquiries regarding legal relations with Genesys Private Fund and/or operation on the trading account with Genesys Private Fund;
  • - In order to inform about new products and services in Genesys Private Fund, which may be of the client's interest;
  • - In order to comply with legislative norms;
  • - In order to secure legal and/or trading account and to prevent fraud against the client and Genesys Private Fund;
  • - In order to improve the functioning of the website, and to adjust the website in accordance with client's individual interests.

Use of Cookies and similar technologies

  • - Genesys Private Fund uses certain technology to collect general information from visitors of the web site, for example, ways of visiting the web site, frequency of visits, the average duration of visits, pages viewed during visit, etc;
  • - Genesys Private Fund uses this information in order to improve the content and performance of the website. It should be noticed that Genesys Private Fund does not control the actions of visitors of a web site;
  • - Genesys Private Fund uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files that a web site leaves on the hard disk of the computer of a visitor when he visits the web site of Genesys Private Fund or views its ads. Genesys Private Fund uses the information obtained from cookies to improve the web site of Genesys Private Fund and to provide better and personalised service. For example, this information can help Genesys Private Fund to authenticate the client, to speed up the search or save the information about the preferences of the client.

Disclosure of personal information

Genesys Private Fund does not disclose personal information of the clients, except in cases required by law.

Genesys Private Fund disclose the client's personal information:

  • - Employees and affiliates of Genesys Private Fund who need to have an access to this information to provide the client with products and services;
  • - Nonaffiliated third parties for processing of transactions or account maintenance as appropriate;
  • - Regulatory or law enforcement authorities, courts or on the request of the legislation.

Security and privacy of personal information

Genesys Private Fund undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the clients' personal information. Genesys Private Fund takes the necessary steps in order to protect clients' personal data from loss, misuse, damage, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Genesys Private Fund follows a strict policy that prohibits employees having access to client's personal data to use them in purposes other than the purposes for which such information was provided.

Change of privacy policy

This policy contains general provisions on the protection of personal data of the client in Genesys Private Fund. Genesys Private Fund may, as necessary, update this policy to reflect its practical changes. The new policy will be in effect upon its publication on the website of the Genesys Private Fund.